Valor Fitness CHN-UP Pro Style Mount Chin Up Bar


  • Multi grip, black texture powder coated
  • Total length is 48 Inch
  • Clearance off the wall is 30 Inch, measuring from the wall to the front edge of the chin up bar
  • 1.25″ hand grip

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Features multiple handles for a variety of chin-ups and pull-ups e.g. an orthodox Wide-Grip Chin-Up, Neutral/Parallel-Grip Chin-Up, Reverse-Grip Pull-Up, Semi-Supinated Pull-Up. Comfortable to use with knurled handles and a sturdy bracket (including fixings).

Recommended Max Weight ::

  • 600 lb

Shipping Dimensions:

  • 39lbs / 49″L x 12″W x 6″H

Assembled Dimensions:

  • 48″ L x 30″D


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